Incheon Bridge
The Incheon Bridge (also called the Incheon Grand Bridge) is a newly constructed reinforced concrete bridge in South Korea. At its opening in October 2009, it became the second connection between Yeongjong Island and the mainland of Incheon. The Incheon Bridge is South Korea's longest spanning cable-stayed bridge.In comparison, the Incheon Bridge is the world's seventh longest cable-stayed bridge as of October 2010.The main purpose of the bridge is to provide direct access between Songdo and Incheon International Airport, reducing travel time between them by up to one hour.
Incheon Bridge :
SKY72 Golf Club
SKY72 is the largest golf course in northeast Asia located at Incheon Airport. The size of the golf course is about 69,300 square meters including the Dream Golf Range, the 54-hole Bada Course, and the 18-hole Haneul Course; totaling 72 holes. Each of the courses has its own unique beauty and characteristics, so golf players may choose the environment they desire to play in. The round-shaped 300-box driving range is the world’s largest all-round practice range and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in May of 2006.
SKY72 Golf Club :
Eurwangri Beach
Eurwangni Beach is located southwest of Yongyudo Island near Incheon International Airport. With a gentle slant and an average depth of only 1.5 meters and beautiful white sand, this beach is crowded with people all year round. Eurwangni Beach is also one of the few astronomical observation areas among the suburbs of Seoul.
Eurwangri Beach :
Wangsan Beach
Though Wangsan Beach is just 5 minutes away from Eurwang-ri, the beach has quite a different ambiance compared to the Eurwang-ri area. While Eurwang-ri is more like a vacation spot for younger crowds, Wangsan as the relaxing charm of a fishing village.
Wangsan Beach :
Sammok Quay
Sammok Quay is located in the north of Yeongjongdo (Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon). Boats typically operate between Sammok and other islands in its vicinity (Jangbongdo, Modo, Sindo, and Sido). Its name originates from Sammokdo, where the quay belonged.
Muuido Island
Muuido Island is located in Jung-gu, Incheon which is not far from the mainland but is only accessible by ferry. Nearby are two smaller islands, Silmido Island and Somuuido Island. In olden times, small boats were used to go from Muuido Island to Somuuido Island but the two islands are currently connected by a bridge so visitors can reach Somuuido after a 10-15 minute walk.
Muuido Island :
Silmido Island
Silmido is an uninhabited island next to Muuido Island in the Yellow Sea. Silmido is located in the west coast of South Korea. It has 0.25081㎢ land area and 6 km circumference. It is 20 km from Incheon Metropolitan City of southwest and is about 5 km away from Incheon International Airport. Silmido is connected two times a day to Muuido as mud flat. Most of this island consists of mountains that are around 80m high. After the novel ‘Silmido’(1999) of Baek Dong-ho was published, Silmido became known. The movie ‘Silmido (film)’(2003) of Kang Woo-suk hit 10 million audiences, and Silmido’s history was known. Nowadays, even after the movie set is already gone, many people go this island to feel historical base.
Jagyakdo Island
Jagyakdo Island has 0.0729㎢ land area and 1.2km of coast length. Because of the characters of this island, no one can live in the island. Main tour spot is the Jagyak amusement park, also there are small walking trail around the island. Mud flat adventures, such as gathering shells and seashore fishing. Vehicles are not available to access to the coastal road. There is no accommodations in the island at present time.
Jagyakdo Island :
Wolmido Island
Wolmido Island, located roughly 1km off the coast of Incheon, has since become part of the mainland with the creation of a new highway. The name Wolmido Island comes from the shape of the island as it resembles the tail of a half moon. Thanks to its location near Seoul and the convenient transportation, many people visit here during weekends. A must-see attraction on Wolmido Island is "Play Hill". It’s not as large as other theme parks in Korea, but the Apollo Disco and the Viking rides are truly thrilling. The Apollo Disco ride is fun just watching. You can also get on a cruise to look around the island.
Wolmido Island :
Baegunsan Mountain
Baegunsan Mountain is at Young-jongdo which is neighboring town to the Incheon International airport. Observatory is completed on May 2014. Observatory has 8.4m wide and 1.8m length. Baegunsan observatory offers the Incheon Bridge and Incheon International Airport view.
Yonggungsa Temple
Yonggungsa Temple is located in the same region as the Incheon International Airport and sits on the northeastern slopes of Baegunsan Mountain. During the Silla Kingdom (about 1,300 years ago), the temple was named ‘Baegunsa’ by King Munmu, in reference to the temple’s mountain home. During the Joseon Dynasty, it was the temporary residence of Heungseon Daewongun (1820-1898, a politician and father of King Gojong), who stayed at the temple for 10 years praying for his son to ascend to the throne. When his son was finally crowned king, Heungseon Daewongun re-built the temple and changed the name to Yonggungsa. The temple consists of various buildings such as Gwaneumjeon (re-constructed by Heungseon Daewongun), Yosachae (home of the monks), Chilseonggak, and Yonghwanggak. In Yosachae, the writings of Heungseon Daewongun are hung on the wall and recently, an 11 meter-high statue of Maitreya was put in place. In front of the temple are two 1,300 year-old zelkova trees.